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Anonymous: hey i also do watercolour painting and struggle with finding notepads etc thats suitable for my paintings. what notepads and paper do you use when you paint?

Hey lovely! 
For little paintings and just to get ideas down I usually use a moleskine watercolour journal, which I love and will continue to keep re purchasing. For larger finished pieces I usually use Arches 300gsm smooth paper. 
They are a little pricey but it’s just what suits me and what I’m comfortable with.
I reccomend playing around with different textures and weights till you find what suits you, but always make sure the paper/notepad is specific to a watercolour medium :)

Have a lovely day and I hope this helped! xx

Anonymous: what brushes do you use/recommend? :)

Hi I haven’t invested too much in brushes yet as I end up mistreating them hehe, but I’ve recently bought a couple of winsor & newton ones that are real nice to use, trying my best to not abuse them :) 

Anonymous: do you do custom portraits?

I sure do lovely! shoot me an email at and we can chat more about it :)